Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

Kid's Birthday Party Ideas

For a kid, their birthday is one of the most exciting days of the year, and many parents want that day to be special, unique and memorable. Fortunately, kids' birthday parties do not have to be the same familiar games, cake, and decorations. With these clever ideas and savvy renting of key party elements, your next kid's birthday party will be one even adults will be talking about for years.

Why Make a Kid's Party Memorable?

Kids often focus on the gifts they hope to receive for their birthday, and they may pester their parents for weeks about the latest trendy toy or must-get gadget. Before their next birthday, however, those same gifts may become outdated, uncool, broken or forgotten. The memories of a truly special event, however, will last much longer and will be the happiest birthdays children remember for years to come.

75+ Ideas to Make a Kid's Birthday Party Extra Special

No matter what your budget, the party date or the age of your child, there are many different ways to make their party extra special. Considering each essential aspect of a birthday party will help you plan a memorable event to celebrate a very happy birthday.

  • Location
    You can create a memorable party nearly anywhere, from right at home or in a local park to a more exotic location. Many zoos, theme parks, museums, water parks or aquariums offer group rates or special birthday packages, and you can supplement package arrangements with customized rentals of tents, extra tables, colored linens and decorative items to make the event more unique. Try a local skate park, ropes course or jump zone for a more active party crowd, while animal-lovers will love partying at a petting zoo, local farm or stable. Bowling alleys and ice rinks are good options, or visit a local beach or natural attraction for an outdoor party. For older children, an escape room can be a unique and exciting option.

  • Theme
    A theme can bring all aspects of a kid's birthday party together. General themes might include anything from unicorns, fairies, princesses and pirates to mermaids, sports, emojis, animals or dinosaurs. Circus, space and jungle themes are popular, as are any party themes involving superheroes, popular television shows or favorite movies. A theme can even be as simple as using the child's initial, age or favorite color or animal. The right rentals can jump start your theme with colorful tablecloths, themed tents and coordinated accessories, making even an elaborate theme less work with more time for birthday fun.

  • Decorations
    A party will be especially memorable when it has a strong visual impact with bold decorations. While balloons and streamers are perennial favorites, you can make them more exotic by creating balloon sculptures such as flowers, arches or initials, or using alternative streamers such as feather boas or flower leis instead of crepe paper. Renting colored tents, tablecloths and other linens makes a bold statement very easy, or you can add wall scenes to an indoor party to create an undersea world, jungle atmosphere or Hollywood skyline. You can even coordinate decorations with the party's location or theme, such as creating towel animals for a pool party or adding a "walk of fame" entry with guests' names for a movie-themed party. Behind-the-scenes rentals can also help make decorations easier, such as ladders to help arrange decorations or air compressors to blow up balloons more quickly.

  • Activities
    There is no limit to the party activity options that will make fun memories, such as creative inflatable slides or bounce houses, a paint party to make individual artwork, spa-like makeovers, a piñata, scavenger and treasure hunts, water sprinkler games, face painting or obstacle courses. For more creative options, consider a coloring mural, indoor camping or a party where pets are welcome. Classic kids' party games can also be updated with modern twists, such as pin the crown on the princess or pin the parrot on the pirate instead of pin the tail on the donkey.

  • Food
    No party is complete without a delicious menu, no matter how young or old the guests may be. For a kids' party, the classic birthday cake is always welcome and can be decorated to match the party theme or colors, but there are also many other options. Make-your-own foods are fun choices, such as letting guests decorate cookies or cupcakes, top personal pizzas or create monster nachos. Fruit kebobs and chocolate fountains are sweet choices, and miniature anything – hot dogs, pizzas, sliders, tarts, sandwiches, etc. – are fun foods for smaller hands. For more space to serve a crowd, don’t forget to rent serving dishes and buffet stands, as well as a cake table or stand so the party’s centerpiece dessert stands out.

  • Activism
    A popular trend for children's parties is to encourage a sense of charity and community with an activism focus. While kids' parties should avoid controversial topics, it can be very enriching to arrange a party where guests pick up litter at a local park or beach before they play, assemble care packages for local children's shelters or bring gifts to donate to a children's hospital or humane society instead of gifts for the birthday child. The party could also include volunteering or fundraising efforts so the birthday child can support a cause they believe in. Rentals can help make activism more easily arranged when you choose cleanup supplies, extra tables, totes or other rental options.

There is no limit to how creative a kid's birthday party can be, and the key to a special, memorable birthday is always to keep the child's preferences in mind and to make an event they will enjoy. With considerate care, proper preparation and ready-to-go rentals, every birthday will be a fun and happy one for kids of all ages.